Top 23 Interesting Topic Examples For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

There are many types of academic essays. In a compare and contrast paper, you should present two or more subjects and find their differences and similarities. Sometimes, teachers give students an opportunity to select topics for their papers. Unfortunately, not everyone can easily come up with a great idea. Below, you may look at the list of interesting topics for a compare and contrast academic assignment.

  1. Halloween night and prom night.

  2. Hurricanes and blizzards.

  3. The African plain and the open sea.

  4. Going to a cinema and watching movies at home.

  5. The influence of parents and the influence of celebrities.

  6. Playing sports games and playing video games.

  7. Riding a bike and driving a car.

  8. Living in the city and living in the country.

  9. Having a dog and having a cat.

  10. Being famous and being wealthy.

  11. Outer beauty and inner beauty.

  12. Your best friend and your brother (or sister).

  13. Living in a campus and renting a room.

  14. Reading a book and watching a movie.

  15. The summer and the winter.

  16. Playing the piano and playing the guitar.

  17. Composing an essay and solving a math task.

  18. A CEO and a football coach.

  19. The best day of your life and the worst day of your life.

  20. Live music and recorded music.

  21. Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter.

  22. Lying and acting.

  23. Hitler and Napoleon.

You may choose one of these great topics for your compare and contrast paper. Maybe this list will inspire you to generate your own original idea.

A good topic won’t earn you an excellent grade if you don’t research it properly. The more you know about the subjects of your comparison, the better will be your analysis.

There are several ways to structure the body of a comparison and contrast essay. These are the most popular ones:

  • You may start your body paragraphs by describing in detail the subject A. You should then give a full description of the subject B. In the last paragraph, you should point out the differences and similarities of your subjects.

  • Another way is to list and discuss all the similarities of your subjects in the first half of the body. In the second half, you should demonstrate and analyze the differences of the subjects.

This article should help you write a great compare and contrast essay that will impress the readers and earn you the highest score.

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