Dracula And The Metamorphosis

Dracula is a mythic figure that is creepily attractive to many in the West. It first surfaced at least 500 years ago. It has however undergone a number of changes. This has not affected its popularity in the West. If anything, it has made it more popular, and it is now idolized, revered and vilified by many. The different editions of Dracula are what are referred to as the Metamorphosis of Dracula. Many people will adore or be attracted by various versions of the character. This has only made Dracula more famous and popular in the West.

The Legend: Vlad the Impaler

This was the initial and original version of Dracula. It is also known as Vlad Tepes and was born during the time of the greatest strife between the Austrian Hapsburgs and the Ottoman Turks. These were the greatest Romanians powers in the 15th Century. Vlad was just a man that was dedicated to defending the Romanian people from Turkish invaders. The nickname Dracula was given to him by people because his father was in the order of the Dragon. The name signifies his zeal to fight for his people. Vlad is however remembered for many unnatural things. He killed close to 100,000 people by hand. He once invited the sick, physically challenged and poor beggars in the streets to his house. They had a party, and then he burnt them down so as to end their sufferings. The death of Vlad remains a mystery. It is not certain what caused his death. Some legends say a Russian assassin killed him, and others say he was murdered by a political rival and some claim that he was killed by his people who confused him for a Turk. However, on the exhumation of his grave site in the 1930s, his body was not found.

The Horror: Count Dracula

Undead in 1897 haunted Roma. This led to an imagination of a very dangerous killer. He was named “Count Wampyr” but the name was later changed to Dracula. This change was effected after they read a footnote that Dracula means evil. The Horror or Count Dracula could stalk his victims in the night and kill them by draining their blood. Count Dracula was unique in many ways. For instance, he could not enter a house unless invited by the owner, he only slept on the native ground and lost his powers during the day. The Horror died after he was stabbed with a knife.

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