US Aviation In 1920s

The aviation industry grew a lot during the period of the World War One that was between the 1914 and 1919. By the time the war ended a lot of advancements had been made in the aircrafts. There was however anticipation for a war in the future and countries were still getting ready. There were new designs and models of aircrafts with better functioning capabilities and carrying capacity. Developed countries like the United States, which was a superpower needed to be a notch higher than the rest of the countries. They thus had to improve their state of crafts. The period of the 1920s saw a lot of renovation in the aircraft industry.

Advancements in the 1920s

After the end of the World War One, crafts were relatively small. They, however, could travel long distances. These crafts were used for mailing services. They were however improved to increase capacity and distance of travel. New renovations were also made on the rooftops of post offices making them flat. This was to allow aircrafts to land on the top and do delivery of emails faster. The small crafts were also used during the War to supply fighting equipment, food and medicine. All these crafts were made of lighter materials. In the 1920s, with the aim of improving the capacity of aircrafts, metal pieces were used to build planes. This increased capacity and led to planes being used for commercial purposes. This also resulted in the renovation of airstrips and airports. Some countries like the United States built comfortable airports where customers would wait before boarding crafts. The new aircrafts were also able to travel long distances with increased capacity. There was massive building of airplanes and America built 4600 planes in 1928 and showcased 104 in air shows. These new crafts could carry a large cargo and passengers.

Pilots of after the War

Veteran pilots who made it after the war were used in the testing of the newly built crafts. With the increase in the capability of the ships, pilots also needed to show competency in handling the new planes. They used to travel to places around the country showing off their skills and testing their abilities to fly planes for long distances. At some instances, they gave rides to passengers. Records of distances and speed were broken. Pilots that flew these planes were greatly respected and always found parades of people to hour them at the airport on landing.

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