What Am I Supposed To Write In An Essay About Technology And Environment?

Whether you are writing an essay for a university or scholarship application or you’re writing an assignment for a class in high school or college course, you probably struggle with coming up with some good technology and environment topics for which to write on. This is a common problem among most students and really shouldn’t be anything to stress about. We’ve compiled this list of great topics for your consideration. Use them as your own or find the inspiration to create original ideas:

  1. How can information technology be used to assist in protecting the environment? Consider new ways of measuring environmental effects caused non-environmental factors and how the information can be used to prevent future damage.

  2. Do you think environmentalists and animal rights conservationists should combine resources to have a greater impact on both causes? Would each one have greater influence on global issues being brought for consideration on the international stage?

  3. How do the international effects of technology affect the way nations are able to share information and resources with underdeveloped or third world countries that have the worse environmental protection laws in place?

  4. How can communication through technological advancements aid in the processes of disposing of waste created by factories and processing plants? Should excessive red tape be removed so that the two sides of this communication can become more efficient?

  5. What is e-waste and why is it a growing concern in terms of environmental damage? As technology continues to improve and hardware becomes obsolete quicker than before, do we face a greater e-waste crisis?

  6. How do environmental companies create a boon for technology companies looking for niche sales markets? Consider investment opportunities and the different ways in which technology can provide solutions that environmental companies haven’t had access to until recently.

  7. Despite advancements in the technological fields there has been little progress in terms of reducing human labor or manual work, but there have been greater negative effects to the environment – e.g., pollution. What are the reasons behind this gap in progress?

  8. How can technology help towards making the world more self-sustainable and environmentally friendly? Are communities largely concerned only with what immediately affects them in their space or do they concern themselves over other nations?

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. Like with all assignments in which you get to select your own topic, it’s a good idea to get your instructor’s approval before proceeding, since he or she is likely to have some minimum requirements you should meet.

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