The Reality Of Abortions

The question of abortion has been there for a long time now. Many states are still battling out in the law chambers with if abortion should be made legal or not. Abortion is putting to an end the life of an unborn fetus. Many people believe that it is a violation of the right to live. I agree it is and that abortion should never be made legal. This has however not put an end to the act. Many ladies and especially the young girls go through the procedure. Most of the times, it is done in behind the streets clinics by medics that do not have the authorization to perform such procedures. They do it under substandard conditions that put their lives at a risk to. Many young girls have died while undergoing an abortion. There are however some cases that would allow one to have an abortion.

Cases when an abortion is allowed

Many states have a provision in the law where mothers are allowed to carry out an abortion. Abortion should, however, be initiated by an authorized doctor in such cases. With the advancement in technology, mothers can undergo an abortion without putting their life at a risk. One of the cases where abortion is allowed is in the event of rape. Rape is a very traumatizing thing. In most cases, victims are in denial. Having a child out of rape will only cause a lot of mental injury to the mother. Many mothers would not put up with the stress of carrying a pregnancy that is as a result of rape. The government, therefore, allows for these mothers to abort before the pregnancy reaches the twentieth week. In the case of a young girl, the decision as to whether to do an abortion or not will be left to the guardian. Another case, where abortion is allowed, is when a pregnancy poses a threat to the life of the mother. In such cases, the right to life can be violated.

The dark side of Abortion

Many people see abortion as a crime just because it ends life. There are however other many things that happen in the abortion clinics that are against the morals. Some mothers will get pregnant because they want to get to business. They carry the pregnancy for the certain duration of time and then terminate the pregnancy and sell some organs of the fetus. Videos have been released in America showing such mothers being happy of the business.

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