Media History of Modern Egypt

Egypt is one among of the nations that has had a history of lack of freedom for the media. The media is a significant and important tool in information distribution in any given country. The use of media in some countries like Egypt is with restrictions. This is a strategy that the government uses to prevent the information from getting to the public. The injustice of these restrictions is that the citizens are denied the right to get information that they need to make decisions that are relevant or meaningful in their e.g. elections and power. The media in Egypt should be influential to the people as it is in the other countries in the world. Critics of the actions of the government or the politicians are not allowed. It is a prohibition, and an action of nature is criminal and punishable in the country. In 2005, after when elections were held in Egypt, freedom of the Media was allowed. In 2006, there were amendments to the laws of the Egypt laws through the constitution concerning the media. With the changes and provisions in the constitutions, critics of the government and its actions remained criminalized.

Media History of Modern Egypt: The Press in Egypt

The press in Egypt includes magazines, newspapers, and journals. Most of these in Egypt are owned and controlled by the government. The people who privately write journals or magazines are not allowed to write about the government or state affairs. Those who break this requirement in Egypt may be sentenced or jailed. The worst thing, however, is criticizing the actions of the government. The level of the illiteracy in the country is high such that the people do not know neither do they completely understand what rights they have. Television stations that are popular are two and have been in the control of the government. The use the television and radio stations have increased. The private owners are not however supposed to broadcast issues concerning the state or the governance of the state. Their focus is entertainment for the people. The increase was notable since 1995.

The Media as a Political Tool in Egypt

The media has served in passing and the spread of political messages for the people of Egypt. The different politicians pass their messages using television, radio and the newspapers and journals. The use of the internet is being encouraged to enhance the spread of political messages and ideologies.

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