Guns And Violence In America

Violence is a form of behavior that involves physical force that is intended at hurting, damaging and or killing a person or any other thing. The use of guns in America to perform a violent act has resulted in thousands of death and injuries. In America, about one percent of the deaths have been caused by the use of guns. Gun violence in America is mostly common to the urban poor population and is mostly associated with gang violence that involves young male adults and male juveniles. The American legislation from the federal to local level have made attempts to address the issue regarding gun violence through various means that include restriction of purchase of guns by young and the at-risk population, setting a timeline for waiting so as one can buy guns, stiff sentences on violators of gun laws, educating programs aimed at parents and students, starting of gun buyback programs and establishing of law and policies that are strategically aimed at gun violence. To reduce tension and also as a way to discourage gun violence the Congress banned organizations from conducting any research regarding gun violence in the country.

Violent crimes related to guns

Robberies in commercial places in America are reported to be committed by use of guns. The use of guns during robberies has made it more likely for attackers to kill. In America, the level of gun ownership correlates to that of the rate of gun robberies. Many homicides have been as a result of the unintentional escalation of a different crime in which guns are involved and with no any initial thought of killing. In the history of United States, there have been at least eleven presidential assassination attempts that involved the use of firearms with four of them being a success.

Access to guns in America

The policy of United States encourages its citizens to own different types of guns while also restricting access to guns by those who are considered to be at a higher risk of misusing it. Gun dealers have been prohibited from selling short guns to those below the age of 21 and below the age of 18 no long guns are allowed to them. Another restriction is to sell a gun to those who are not residents of that state. America’s firearms market supply poses a bigger challenge with legal guns being issues to get most people tend to go to the secondary market that offers cheaper and faster means of having any firearm one needs.

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