Problems In Nursing

It is true that almost every field of medicine is very fulfilling for the person performing all the tasks. But just like doctors pretty much have to sacrifice their personal life, there is a great deal that nurses have to give up too. This is what makes their job immensely demanding and difficult at time. Over the years there have been several problems that have come up in the nursing department. So whether you are new in the field trying to understand how things work or if you are thinking whether this is the field for you, consider the following before you make up your mind:

  1. Staff
  2. Over the years almost all the hospitals all over the world have had to cut down on their staff. This is because they have been trying to cope with the regular increase in the method of healthcare adapted by the patients. They cannot rid their hospitals of doctors which is why it is the nurses who meet such cuts. This is immensely problematic for the nurses – for both, the ones who lose their jobs and also the ones working as their pressure increases overnight. In order to cope with this problem several countries have tried to ensure that they at least have one nurse per patient.

  3. Inter relationships
  4. It is true that nurses often feel like they are not valued or respected in the field they are working in. Because of the way they are treated and also because that treatment regularly induces feelings of inadequacy in them, the chances of nurses getting into heated arguments with their colleagues are also very high.

  5. Overtime
  6. Sometimes when the work load is a lot nurses are readily expected to stick around despite the fact that their shift may be over. This can be troublesome too considering the nurses would be tired and thus more likely to make mistakes with patients.

  7. Contact with the Patients
  8. When nurses spend continuous hours with their patients it becomes impossible for them to maintain a relationship that is entirely professional. Hence, it is important for them to always be aware of their position to maintain a healthy and professional relationship even though the patients might look to them for comfort and often just to talk.

  9. Patient Contentment
  10. Despite the responsibility just one nurse might have on their plate, they are still expected to meet and greet and care for each patient with a smile on their face. This is something that the patient expects of them. This can be very difficult given the number of things they juggle, yet is very important for their job sustenance.

  11. Certified Nurses
  12. In order to ensure you get the job where you apply, a nurse is required to be certified from the right agency. This is what proves not just their ability, but also their worth and competence. This makes it clear to the hospital if a nurse can handle the responsibility being given to them.

Thus, these are the various problems in the nursing department. Though they are being sorted by many states, they still exist.

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