History Of Birth Control

Birth is a natural process through which all the living things produce their off springs. This process takes place when a male sex cell (sperm) meets with the female sex cell (ova) to bring a new life in this world. Since the world came into being, the population of the world is increasing rapidly. Therefore, a number of ways are being used to control the birth rate of the world. Most of the pregnancies in the U.S are unintended due to unprotected intercourse.

Both male and female, use different methods to control the birth rate. These methods were being used by different civilizations in different eras. A number of ways were to control the birth by the use of Spermicidal (sperms killing) agents. These agents included fruit jelly and acids of the fruit by the females. Moreover, in 1600s vaginal douches were the methods to control the birth by killing the sperms. Contrary to this, males used linen as a protective way in 1564 and after this in 18th century condoms were made by the animal intestines which were used to control the birth.

A number of ways are being used which include, oral contraceptives, implants, surgical methods (permanent) and hormonal methods. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones and the pills which are being made from this are widely used source to prevent the unwanted pregnancies since the 18th century till now with a number of modifications. There was also a number of ways which helped the people in reducing the rate of birth. The era from 1960 till 2010 provided people a number of options to control the birth. These methods included IUD (intrauterine devices) and hormonal pills. Furthermore, the natural method like withdrawal and spermicidal methods are the main way for birth control rom ancient time.

Therefore, it is clear from the above mentioned facts that birth control methods have an ancient history. These methods are helping the people since long time. Thus birth control methods are helping the people around the globe from a long time.

In nut shell, birth is being controlled by different methods by different people. These ways are preventing unwanted pregnancies. Thus, people are kept away from the sins religiously and from diseases and life threatening complications by birth control.

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