Decent Advice On How To Write A 500 Word Essay About The Bible

A good 500-word essay should typically consist of five paragraphs, with each paragraph taking up no more than 100 words. The five paragraphs should consist of the introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. When you have been assigned the task of writing a 500-wor essay about the Bible, you need to be very precise. The reason for being very precise is that there is so much to cover about the Bible, and you cannot cover everything about the Bible in 500 words.


Before you start writing the paper, take some time to think of a specific issue or topic in the Bible that you will write about. This could be anything that interests you or something controversial in the Bible. After narrowing down the topic you intend to write about, take a position on the issue and craft a thesis statement. Think about the three strong points that you will discuss in the body and create an outline. The outline will act as a guiding framework for your essay.

The introduction

In the introductory paragraph, begin by stating your thesis statement. Make sure that you craft your thesis in an interesting way so that it will capture the reader’s attention and make him/her want to proceed with reading the rest of the paper. Additionally, you can briefly state the main points that you intend to cover about the topic. Limit this paragraph to 100 words.

The Body

In this section you can start discussing your main points. Make sure that you present each point in a different paragraph and ensure that the points are discussed in the order of their relative importance. Each main point should be related to the thesis statement that you presented in the introductory paragraph, and each point should be supported by facts and/or evidence that ties in with the thesis statement. Ensure that you limit each body paragraph to 100 words, so that all the body paragraphs add up to 300 words.

Concluding Paragraph

In the concluding paragraph, summarize the main points that you discussed in the body paragraphs. You should also restate the thesis statement at this point and reaffirm your stand on the issue, while relating this to some facts that you presented in the body of the paper. Additionally, you can conclude with your personal opinion or stand on the topic. Similar to the rest of the paragraphs, the concluding paragraph should be limited to 100 words.

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