Tips For Composing A Solid Argumentative Essay On Smoking

Are you in the process of creating an argumentative essay on smoking, but have yet to decide what your approach is going to be? There are a few different approaches that can be utilized, and by taking the time to read this article you’ll learn what they are. Using a good quality approach is important, because it allows you to have fun whilst you are working on the project. You’ll also see that the difficulty level will decrease. With that in mind, read on for some tips and hints on the different ways that you can tackle the argumentative smoking essay project:

Sample topics

Ensure that the topic you come up with is a good quality one. Here are a few ideas that can get your creative juices flowing:

  1. What are the main reasons that people begin to smoke in the first place?

  2. Is peer pressure the main reasons why people start the bad habit of smoking?

  3. What are the main health problems that are the direct result of smoking

  4. Give some questionable smoking ads that have aired on TV in the past?

  5. Was it a good decision to not allow people indoors to smoke in public places?

  6. What type of places should smoking be banned from?

  7. Is electronic smoking a good solution to the smoking problem?

  8. Why do so many people smoke even though it is bad for you?

  9. What can be done to give up the habit of smoking?

  10. Do you feel that smoking is not going to cause you any harm?

The topics above are great starting points, but you’ll still need to do the work on your own.

Have any experience?

If you have any experience with smoking, or anyone in your family then it would be a great idea to draw from that experience. You can ensure that the essay you write will be from the heart, because it will be written from memory and feelings as opposed to facts and figures.

Also understand that the more you are able to write from personal experience the less research you’ll need to carry out in order to complete your project. Therefore, it is to your advantage to write from personal experience if you want to finish it faster.

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