A List Of Thought-Provoking Topic Suggestions For An Essay About Moral Values

Moral value is an interesting but controversial topic depending on your audience. There is no concrete way to define what moral values are and this is obvious when one observes the stark differences in societal customs from different locations around the world, sometimes even within the same country.

For hundreds of years, the issue of moral values have been debated by religious followers, philosophers, scientists and scholars alike, each with their own view on how and why the concept exists in our society at all. The following is a list of interesting topics ideas for composing an essay about moral values:

  1. Is religion necessary for the existence of moral values?

  2. What would society be like if there was no form of moral values or any system of right and wrong?

  3. Should we abandon traditional moral sense and replace it with more realistic, logical alternative that will serve to make us a more successful species?

  4. From the serial killer’s perspective, they are not wrong for committing the acts that they do. Is it possible that society is wrong for condemning them or any other person from living their lives exactly as they please?

  5. What are the benefits of organized law systems instead of religious rules and requirements in society?

  6. Why religious influence has made it much harder to govern the action of citizens in countries of high religious activity.

  7. Ten reasons why religion should abandon its old teachings and turn to science for more sensible guidelines.

  8. What we can learn from the customs of tribal societies that have been cut off from the rest of the world.

  9. How does patriotism affect the moral decision made by citizens of a particular country?

  10. How are most people affected by the moral guidelines outline by the governing body of their nation?

  11. How do values learned in the home translated onto strangers we encounter in public?

  12. What are the challenges faced by parents and role models when attempting to teach moral values to their children.

  13. How does television and other forms of entertainment affect the moral values of children and adults alike?

  14. Do fairy tales portray an accurate description of real life situations and moral decisions?

  15. What are the reasons for the existence of moral trends in just about every society that has ever existed?

  16. Are the moral values of different culture distinct or do they share similar traits across all civilizations?

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