Creating A Synthesis Essay From Scratch: A Brief Tutorial

Writing a synthesis essay requires students to link different works or parts of a work in order to show a larger perspective. You have one focus area or statement that you need to prove in your paper by joining other works and linking different things. The works that you use in your paper should be authentic and you must include only valid information in your paper if you want to make a strong impression. A synthesis definitely requires you to link up different works to prove one viewpoint but it does not ask you to gather data from unauthenticated sources or based on assumptions. If you use valid data in your paper, it will increase the authenticity of your work. Writing these assignments will increase your skill and critical thinking so you need to pay attention while working on them.

If you are to write a synthesis essay from scratch, you should follow these instructions. Here is a brief tutorial that will teach how you can create an effective synthesis paper

  1. Start by understanding the purpose of the assignment
  2. The first thing you are supposed to do in your paper is to understand what the assignment is all about. You should ask questions when the teacher is delivering the lecture so that you know the basic requirements and how to meet them. If you are at home, you should find expert written papers in the same style and check them for strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to write a paper when you have a final product in your mind

  3. Choose your main stance in the paper
  4. Decide the major perspective that you are trying to show in your paper. You will link different works to prove or emphasize something so it is important to decide it in the first place. This will help you in maintaining the direction of your work

  5. Carry out research
  6. Perform your search using both primary and secondary sources so that you can have a wide range of data

  7. Find data from authenticated and relevant sources
  8. Make sure that the data you collect is from authenticated sources

  9. Create an outline
  10. Plan and organize your data in specific places

  11. Write your paper
  12. Using the points from your outline

  13. Make sure the flow is maintained
  14. Works should clearly link with each other

  15. Edit and proofread

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