Study of Nursing in Philippines

Nursing (BSN) is a profession and a four year degree program that educates students the important aptitudes and learning to nurture the ill and harmed. The course rotates around four major segments; wellbeing advancement, infection inhibition, hazard diminution and health reclamation. As a learner you will be prepared to utilize the most critical idea in the course which is the Nursing Procedure (Appraisal, Diagnosis, Scheduling, application and Evaluation). It is a game plan that has dependably appeared to function admirably for the Philippines as well. Not just is nursing an exceptionally regarded career here, it has likewise been generally seen as a permit out of destitution for some.

Affirmation prerequisites for nursing program

Prerequisites at every school may contrast, however these are the basic necessities:

  1. Must be a secondary school graduate.

  2. Must have a school selection test of above normal or relying upon the predetermined rating set by the school.

  3. Must pass the meeting led by the school confirmation officer.

  4. Some schools want a secondary school QPA of 85% or more with no review under 80% in all subjects.

  5. There are schools that want students to have an 85% or higher normal rating in the National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT).

  6. Admission for Philippine Educational Placement Test passers basically relies on upon the school's carefulness since a few schools and colleges just offer certain program.

Require aptitudes and disposition to succeed

  1. Service reception – being content with aiding and serving other individuals.

  2. Social intuition - monitoring others' responses and comprehension why they respond as they do.

  3. Being collected – being quiet and loose under weight.

  4. Communication aptitudes – the capacity to adequately transfer info both orally and in composed structure.

  5. Collaborative aptitudes – the capacity to organize with distinctive health experts being taken care of by patients.

  6. Assumption and administrative aptitudes – having the capacity to choose and organize issues as indicated by significance and exigency.


  1. Hospital Nursing – domain of nursing sited in a medical service called a hospital.

  2. Public Health Nursing – a domain of nursing that is a mix of essential medical services and nursing practice with general wellbeing nursing.

  3. Psychiatric Nursing – a particular domain of nursing that watches over patients with maladjustment or mental trouble, for example, bipolar issue, schizophrenia, psychosis, or dementia.

  4. Clinic Nursing – a specialty of nursing where medical attendants are capable in overseeing patients, calendar, and setting.

Lastly, Nursing is very much a complex course. It needs precision at all times, there is no space for errors amid clinical obligation since the tolerant life is at risk. A right mentality is likewise required most particularly amid clinical exposures since the circumstance in the hospital is extremely eccentric.

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