How To Write A 3-Page Essay In One Day: Useful Advice

The first thing worth noticing here is that you have a three page essay pending submission the very next day and you are still wondering how to write it. Whether you want to admit it or not but this is clearly your mistake and you have delayed your paper to this date. A teacher would always allow you time for at least 4 days or a week in order to complete an effective paper with this length. You may have a genuine reason for not doing your assignment earlier but this piece of advice is important for your future papers. Whenever you have a task, you should start it as early as possible or at least create a realistic plan on the very first day. A realistic plan is something you can actually achieve with your capacity. No one expects you to write several thousand words in a day but you are the best judge of yourself and you can tell if you can complete a 100-word milestone in an hour or a 500-word milestone. The choice is yours because different people have different capabilities and capacity of working

  1. If you are worried because your paper is due the next day and you do not have any thing on paper, then the first thing to do is to stop worrying and start acting. If you keep worrying about the paper, you will never be able to write it and waste the rest of your day in panicking. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can do it in the time available
  2. You need to understand that your paper is critical and you must complete it by the end of the day. It is wise to sacrifice your other priorities for the day and only focus all your energies on getting the work done. You can watch your favorite series later or go out with your friends tomorrow after submitting your paper. Set your priorities straight and define your focus so that you can concentrate on whats important
  3. Ask your friends and family not to disturb you for the day because you have a task to complete. Anyone would understand and allow you your space if you are working on your academic assignment. Do not waste your time in calling everyone but just ignore your phone and laptop for the day unless off course researching for your paper

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