Language Inflation

Notably, language inflation creates devaluation in the meaning of some of the English words. Currently, popular words and expressions including brilliant and epic are used to express relatively modest meanings than the traditional meanings and uses. Brilliant, for example, means clever, while epic means surprising. However, sometimes people feel the need to imbue their words with some force and significance, and consequently, make use of hyperbole to entice their listeners to pay attention. Unfortunately, the hyperbolic words people use now and then finally normalize gradually. This similar tendency has been seen to occur in numbers. For example, if someone wants to indicate that she or he has worked hard, the mention of 210% is possible. Sometimes, we give values that are numerically impossible just to try and show how far we have gone or how well we have worked. In other words, we are seeking attention. Language Inflation is not a new trend. Over generations, people have been hyperbolically been using words and phrases. Words like awesome as well as totally, have also been used in the same way.

It is wrong

It is not correct to use words that are too big for the subject. This is something that is destroying language and making some words lose their meaning as time goes. For example, it is wrong to use the word infinitely when you mean very. Infinitely is too strong to be compared with very or even be used in its place. If we continue to hyperbolically use words and destroy the language, it will have diverse effects on our children and us. For example, if you use the word infinitely in a place where you are supposed to use very, which word will you use in place of infinitely? Clearly, this indicates that there is the essence to correctly use words and also the need to stop being hyperbolic just to get other people’s attention.

How bad is Language Inflation?

Language Inflation needs to be stopped, and it is necessary that we all practice using the correct words. Today, we are in that position whereby, we cannot find words to describe something that is awe-inspiring or even full of wonder. The issue of Language Inflation also faces mostly affects speakers and writes. However, it is still affecting readers. Readers are sometimes confused about the true meanings of words. A huge problem also is trying to identify the intended meaning of these words. They are thus unable to connect new books with older texts.

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