Single Parent Families

The rate of growth of single parent families has increased at an alarming rate over the last decades. Single parents also referred to as solo parents are family situation whereby a single parent bares all the responsibilities of the family in the absence of the other spouse. In most cases, women are the most single parent. However, there are incidences, though few, whereby a man carries all the responsibility of the family alone. The question has remained, what are the causes of the drastic increase of single parent’s families in the modern world.

Causes of Single Parent Families

Historically, the death of a marriage partner was the main cause of single parent’s families. When one spouse passed away, the other spouse bared the entire responsibility of raising the offspring and taking care of the family needs. This was the most common and unavoidable cause of single parent families in ancient times. However, these cases were not very common through where the major reason for single parents families in those days.

Divorce and separation in the modern world are the most common causes of single parent’s families. Almost every day, about ten cases of family divorce are reported. Most of cases pilling up in courts involve divorce or other family cases which may eventually end up in divorce. Family issues like unfaithfulness and poverty play a significant role in family divorce which eventually results to single parent family.

Teen pregnancy is as well another cause of single parent families. In fact, research shows that over twenty percent of the high school girls do not complete their studies due to pregnancy. This has played a great role in the rapid increase of the single parent families. However, there are women who do not like marriage but only needs to have a child. These women decide to raise the family by their own and thus increase the number of single parent families.

Consequences of Single Parent’s Families

One of the most outstanding challenges to single parent families is poverty. Most of single parent experience financial strains which force them to a poor life style. The children as well rarely perform well in school due to lack of school fees and family emotional stresses. Moreover, children from a single parent family tend to be so aggressive and unsocial. As result, even at tender ages, these children can turn against their offenders. In most cases, single parents usually pass on still young due to family stresses and strains.

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