Creating A Strong Essay On Why Competition Makes Us Better

In some cases, having a competitive nature is something that is frowned upon. This is especially true in individuals who take competition too seriously and become sore losers when they do not win. However, there are several ways in which competition makes us better. If you need to consider this for your next essay, follow these guidelines to be sure that your essay on competition is a strong one.

Consider the Benefits of Competition

The personalities of some people that are driven by a need to succeed in competition is the reason that competition may have a bad reputation. Begin planning for your essay by looking at the benefits of completion. Consider the following as key points to your essay:

  1. It drives you to succeed

  2. It encourages new ideas

  3. It increases productivity

  4. It helps you discover your faults

  5. It can teach you to be humble

Be sure that the number of points you choose reflects the number of points that you are including in your essay. Each should be a topic sentence to a body paragraph.

Prove Your Points

Whether you choose the above points or your own, you will need evidentiary support to back up your claims. Psychology websites are a good place to start, as the ideas behind why competition is beneficial lie in the brain. You can also look for information from experts on the matter, newspaper articles, and other reliable sources for information that will back up the ideas presented in your paper.

Organize Your Thoughts

After you have found all of the information that you need to prove the points you are trying to make with your thesis, you will need to organize your thoughts. You can write points on note cards and organize them, create a thought map, or use a traditional outline to get yourself organized before you begin writing.

Form Your Essay

The set-up of your paper on why competition makes us better will be very straightforward. You should write an introduction that includes your main point (about competition making us better) and ends with the points you will be presenting as evidence. The main points should be used as topic sentences to individual body paragraphs, and the evidence should follow the topic sentence. Finally, your conclusion should re-state your thesis and main points, as well as provide your paper with a sense of closure.

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